Monday, July 31, 2006

New and Exciting - FOR WHO??

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It appears that much is being hailed about the R.I.O.T.T trial at the needle centre on Corporation Road. What exactly is good about it for the residents of Corporation Road, Elmfield Terrace or in fact any resident of Northgate. There has been no consultation from the Elmfield Centre about what appears to be extended opening hours of this facility. Why should my family have to run the gammit of bad language at a weekend as we do now during the week, why should my children have to hear lurid details of these peoples lives.

At what point, if at all, were the opinions of residents to be taken into account, at any point has it been thought that perhaps a residential area would not be suitable for a facility such as the Elmfield Centre especially now that their remit is being extended. The NHS should have perhaps incorporated this facility into Doctor Piper House when that was being developed or indeed Darlington could have followed Middlesboroughs admirable lead and incorporated this service into the Town Hall facility to completely remove the problem from an already disadvantaged residential area.

One thing should be remembered, these people were not forced to take drugs, they were not forced to become addicts, they had a choice, the residents of Northgate it seems do not. Our Councillors are their usual quiet selves, is it political correctness and new Labour policy of not listening that stops them from speaking out?

This is not an exciting new project for us residents. How would the leader of Darlington Borough Council like it and how would Alan Milburn like it if "UK's first 'shooting gallery' for addicts" was on their doorstep? I can tell you they wouldn't be excited (which is how the R.I.O.T.T publicity describes the project), and neither am I, I am horrified.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Rumour has it

The Conservative Party Website

rumour has it that, one of nu labour Darlington Councillors is making enough money from us council tax payers that they have cut there (real job) working week to two days.

A stay in a 5 star hotel in Paris for an educational visit. A 5 star hotel is this really necessary, surely a three star would have been adequate and not so expensive, but then again it is not there own money is it so why should they care? THEY DON'T..

It seems sleaze is not just at Government level.

Monday, July 10, 2006

A small update

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I have added some new links "Save Parliament" the most important of the new links, important because it deals with saving our Parliament from the control freaks now in Government. I urge you all to click the link and join up.

"This says it all" just leads to a song that says it all about this Government.

We may have seen the end of the I.D Card, but not the database state, be aware that these sneaky control freaks still will go ahead with a national database through passport renewal. You can help stop this by renewing your passport now.

Please remember to click on all the links, plenty of information on all of them..

Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Every Child Matters", only when it suits

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I was really pleased by the BBC's reporting today from the Education Village facility in Darlington, it gave positive and well deserved media coverage of this innovative flagship establishment in the North East. I am proud to say that my son is already attending the secondary phase unit at the Education Village and my daughter will be starting in September.

I have however learnt today that the Education Village is to be officially opened by the Prime Minister Tony Blair on 21 July (an event that will no doubt be covered by the BBC), this is a date after the end of term and only a "selection" of pupils have been invited. I am not a parent angry because my child has or has not been selected as of the pupils deemed fit to meet the Prime Minister. I am appalled that a government that introduced the Every Child Matters agenda sees fit to use the opening of this school as nothing more than a photo opportunity, rather than the "inclusive" celebration that it should be.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

From darloblog, more trouble in Northgate ward

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A posting from darloblog, reinforces my view that Darlington has POST CODE POLICING.

I have friends who live just off Gladstone St near North Lodge park, they have told me about the Chav scum who congregate there most days/evenings, they [The Chavs] dont live on Gladstone Street or on North Lodge Terrace, they live up by Corporation Road and along past Salisbury Terrace and towards the Deans, they just seem to congregate on the corner near the park, causing trouble with the local Asian community or throwing stones at passing cars, or dancing on top of the phone box like the morons that they are, or they take their Chav girlfriends into the park and drink a couple of bottles of White Lightning Cider between themselves, this gets about Ten of them legless (1Ltr Bottles), the effect of legless male and female chavs (average age 13) = Teen Mums.

The thing is apparently, when the Police are called it takes about 15 minutes before they can speak to someone from the Darlo nik (if its open), and then its a lottery if anyone shows up, then TWO days later and they get a follow up call asking if the Chavs are still being a nusiance.

When are the Police going to "Police" in Darlo..! Dont we pay enough council tax in this "mucky town"

Sunday, July 02, 2006


The Conservative Party Website

It has come to my attention that, the morons of the BNP have circulated a leaflet claiming that "White childrens education is in danger in the Northgate area". LIES, LIES, LIES.

The premise of this pathetic outburst is that Corpration Road School has asked that they become a 30 child intake rather than the 45 at present.

I shall enlighten the thickies of the BNP and the light that shall come forth will burn them, as the name of this light is TRUTH, not something the BNP know much about. (sorry about this sermonising, but I am writing this on a Sunday).

About 18 months ago armed with data from the LEA, it was shown that the birth rate had fallen sufficiently that the school could not sustain its 45 child yearly intake, the Governing body asked that the LEA request that the school become a 30 intake (the LEA promptly forgot to do this, it now sits with an ajudicater at the DFES). The school though, has been working on the premise of a 30 intake.

So for the BNP and those that might be taken in by these lies, here are the facts:

1 - There have not been enough children born to sustain a 45 child yearly intake, so whether you are white, brown, green with purple spots, you have not been breeding enough.

2 - These people have one thing in mind, that is, to cause trouble within this community by putting the blame on the Asian community.

3 - I know exactly what has happened with intakes, as I am a Govenor of the school. I can say in all honesty that the BNP are peddling LIES.