Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Every Child Matters", only when it suits

The Conservative Party Website

I was really pleased by the BBC's reporting today from the Education Village facility in Darlington, it gave positive and well deserved media coverage of this innovative flagship establishment in the North East. I am proud to say that my son is already attending the secondary phase unit at the Education Village and my daughter will be starting in September.

I have however learnt today that the Education Village is to be officially opened by the Prime Minister Tony Blair on 21 July (an event that will no doubt be covered by the BBC), this is a date after the end of term and only a "selection" of pupils have been invited. I am not a parent angry because my child has or has not been selected as of the pupils deemed fit to meet the Prime Minister. I am appalled that a government that introduced the Every Child Matters agenda sees fit to use the opening of this school as nothing more than a photo opportunity, rather than the "inclusive" celebration that it should be.


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