Tuesday, July 04, 2006

From darloblog, more trouble in Northgate ward

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A posting from darloblog, reinforces my view that Darlington has POST CODE POLICING.

I have friends who live just off Gladstone St near North Lodge park, they have told me about the Chav scum who congregate there most days/evenings, they [The Chavs] dont live on Gladstone Street or on North Lodge Terrace, they live up by Corporation Road and along past Salisbury Terrace and towards the Deans, they just seem to congregate on the corner near the park, causing trouble with the local Asian community or throwing stones at passing cars, or dancing on top of the phone box like the morons that they are, or they take their Chav girlfriends into the park and drink a couple of bottles of White Lightning Cider between themselves, this gets about Ten of them legless (1Ltr Bottles), the effect of legless male and female chavs (average age 13) = Teen Mums.

The thing is apparently, when the Police are called it takes about 15 minutes before they can speak to someone from the Darlo nik (if its open), and then its a lottery if anyone shows up, then TWO days later and they get a follow up call asking if the Chavs are still being a nusiance.

When are the Police going to "Police" in Darlo..! Dont we pay enough council tax in this "mucky town"


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