Sunday, July 02, 2006


The Conservative Party Website

It has come to my attention that, the morons of the BNP have circulated a leaflet claiming that "White childrens education is in danger in the Northgate area". LIES, LIES, LIES.

The premise of this pathetic outburst is that Corpration Road School has asked that they become a 30 child intake rather than the 45 at present.

I shall enlighten the thickies of the BNP and the light that shall come forth will burn them, as the name of this light is TRUTH, not something the BNP know much about. (sorry about this sermonising, but I am writing this on a Sunday).

About 18 months ago armed with data from the LEA, it was shown that the birth rate had fallen sufficiently that the school could not sustain its 45 child yearly intake, the Governing body asked that the LEA request that the school become a 30 intake (the LEA promptly forgot to do this, it now sits with an ajudicater at the DFES). The school though, has been working on the premise of a 30 intake.

So for the BNP and those that might be taken in by these lies, here are the facts:

1 - There have not been enough children born to sustain a 45 child yearly intake, so whether you are white, brown, green with purple spots, you have not been breeding enough.

2 - These people have one thing in mind, that is, to cause trouble within this community by putting the blame on the Asian community.

3 - I know exactly what has happened with intakes, as I am a Govenor of the school. I can say in all honesty that the BNP are peddling LIES.


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