Thursday, May 25, 2006


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Well I have been away some time, and I apologise.

In the land of Numpties, this Government would be royalty, Tiny Blur being King Numpty.

Fiasco after Fiasco after Fiasco, Foreign Prisoners on the loose, Lying to the Commons and Presclot (who, in there right minds would want to bonk him????), but all the little sycphants are protected.

What I have found most despicable, has to be the signing of a Hutton report by the wide mouth witch, then auctioned for nu labour funds, what chavs these people are. How these people sleep at night is beyond me, they have ruined my country and I want them out.

The time has come to fight back, we cannot allow this debacle to continue. From parish council to Town council to county council to Government we must fight against the control freakery, the lies and the riding roughshod over our citizens rights and freedoms.

As Conservatives it is our duty, our responsibility to put right what and who has been wronged, it is only we conservatives that can do this, as it only us that have the fundemental belief that the freedoms, liberties and rights of all individuals are sacred.

The sheer hypocracy of Blair and his ilk have awoken this "Dog of War", I for one shall not rest until they have been beaten, routed and then cut down.

Great Britain Deserves Better...


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