Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Apologies

Well, I have finally made it back, I have had allsorts of technical problems, hopefully now sorted.

David Davis, poor speech or not, in my view not, it was the only speech with real substance, I can make jokes about Tiny Blur and his sycophants, i want to hear what our next leader is going to do to get us winning elections once again.

What else have I been not able to comment on due to my enforced absense, Turkey - keep them out of the EU, if they come in, we want to be walking out, Straw and his pathetic, crass rhetoric about bridge building of Christian and Muslim faiths does not wash.

We can no longer decide on our immigration policy, thanks to a high court ruling, what now will this weak, lying, dispicable Government do I wonder, it has rather opened the floodgates.

Maggie, happy 80th, love her or hate her, when this nation needed a radical change, only she had the balls to do it, Tiny Blur on the other hand will be remembered for what?, taking us into a war on lies, jumping on every bandwagon which came his way, let us not forget greed of his wife, using his position to better hers, a set of politicians out only for themselves (Alan Milburn, Keith Vaz, Mandelson etc.), control freakery.

Indeed what a wonderful legacy Blair will leave behind. WORST PRIME MINISTER EVER...

More soon.


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