Monday, October 17, 2005

ID Cards "A Farce"

A stand-alone ID card will cost £30, ministers sayPlans for a national ID card scheme have been branded "farcical" after suggestions it might misidentify people with brown eyes or men who go bald.

Home Office minister Tony McNulty said were some technological "difficulties" with some of the biometric checks.
That was why the cards would employ 13 such features in all, he said.

Tory spokesman Edward Garnier called the scheme an "expensive waste of time". Lib Dem Mark Oaten said ID card plans were "descending into farce".

Can this highly expensive loss of Liberty and Freedom really go unchecked, let us hope that David Davis (next Tory Leader hopefully), puts aside leadership ambition and rallies the MPs to send this into oblivion, to abstain from voting is not an option.

I have pledged NOT to register for an I.D Card, they are an expensive folly and the price keeps rising, lets be honest, after the foul ups of other IT projects made by this Government do you really want to trust them with this.

Remember, you and your family will be, finger printed and eye scanned, tagged like a criminal, you WILL be responsible for any incorrect data entries (not those inputting), so what happens to your life, if your eyes are brown or you are bald and not recognized ???????.


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