Monday, August 29, 2005

Have been away

I have been on my annual hols, Cyprus, with a jaunt to the Turkish grand prix, will post again soon, first I need to be away with work for a week.

Plenty to talk about on my return.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


This is an urgent appeal to help those who have been forcefully given neurological irrigation (AKA an enema of the BRAIN).

It has only one symptom, that is VERBAL DIARRHEA.

It affects New Labour people on entering any official position and the Lib Dems are know to be willing participants, but for so long has this been happening that a new strain has appeared and it seems to be contagious, "Blairus Idolizeitus", this strain has been found in some Conservatives.

These people can be helped, if you have any old books, pamphlets or even old Conservative manifestos, then send them now to someone who you know has this affliction, or alternatively, if you wish these people to suffer convulsions and see them foam at the mouth, send them Enoch Powells "Rivers of Blood" speech with the strap line "He was bloody right, wasn't he".

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We are in DANGER

News has filtered through that Tiny Blur is indeed to stand down at the next election, it is scary enough to think that he will be offered a top job somewhere, where he can ruin things on an international scale, but what of the next 4-5 years.

We now have a Prime Minister who knows he is going at the end of his tenure, what possible use is he for Great Britain, the danger is that he will push a more personal agenda, as he wont have to live with the consequences.

Is this yet another LIE, only yesterday this story was being denied, now his long time agent John Burton:

He told The Northern Echo: "Tony's said he is packing in as leader and he's not going to stay on the back benches - so I can't see him standing at the next election.

"He has spoken to me about it, and as far as I know he is not going to stand."

The full article reached from link below.

A reminder of what has passed

This is what we are up against, a dispicable little man.

We all remember the lies, the cover ups, the deceipt surrounding the Iraq war Tony.

We all remember the unstatesman like act of remaining on your holidays when tens of thounsands were dying after the tsunami.

We remember "NO TAX RISES", 67 TAX RISES later, that nose is getting longer all the time.

Education, Education, Education, we remember that aswell, it has got no better under New Labour, a Labour dominated committee of MPs had this say:

"The national literacy strategy, the foundation of the Government's education policies, is almost certainly flawed, fails one child in five and needs to be urgently reviewed".