Friday, September 07, 2007

Sponsorship deal for NO campaign

The Conservative Party Website

And judging by the photo in todays echo it is Stanner the stairlift people (only joking).

Good to see them out and about, as long as the NO campaign do not try and kid us that the present system is as old as the combined ages of those in the photo.

In the text of the piece once again they have got it wrong, putting into peoples mind that we will lose a position for the most senior councillor, this does not have to be case, but this is the only thing they have so it will be repeated and repeated and it will still be untrue.

Nick Wallis is back and blogging, and judging by his latest post he seems to think the YES campaign is Tory, now whether he done the artwork I do not know but he seems happy to use the image, within the main group I am the only declared Tory, we have Labour supporters and Lib/Dem supporters it is a cross party group with plenty of neutrals, but someone has to plant a seed and it appears to be Nick.

The official Conservative view is that the people should decide and the Conservatives will abide by the decision, the conservative individuals may campaign for which ever side they wish, as we see myself in the YES camp I am deputy chairman of the association, we see the group leader Heather scott with the NO campaign along with Cllrs Ron Lewis and Eric Roberts, all of us will campaign as individuals, these are our views and we shall fight to see them come to fruition.

The membership of the association were sent questionaires seeking there views, the results came back as 58% for an Elected Mayor 42% against.

We tories at the very least are trying to be open within the Darlington party, but what of the New Labour Cllr that wants an Elected Mayor, will they be allowed to come forward, I suspect not, it is a shame that they do not feel strong enough to stand up against there leadership and fight for what they believe in.


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