Saturday, June 30, 2007

An excellent Candidate

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I have just returned from Middleton St George, where South Durham Conservatives have launched the Sedgefield by-election campaign.

The Conservative Candidate is Graham Robb, who lives in the constituency, has a successful business and employs local people.

Here is some of what Graham had to say;

I've thrown my hat in the ring because I am passionate about the North East and believe we need a proper debate about the way our region has been taken for granted by Labour.

The Government has had the best possible opportunities to serve the North East and change our position relative to the rest of the UK. It has failed.

At one stage there were six cabinet ministers with seats in the region, with all that patronage and power you'd think things would have improved. We got no favours.

Labour's record is one of wasted opportunity, increased bureaucracy, higher taxes and a failure to deliver on important promises.

In the villages around Darlington only 2 police officer are on duty at any one time. At the same time the Government is giving early release to 25,000 prisoners.
There are fewer young people who are in training or employment than before 1997.
Manufacturing jobs in the region increased under John Major but have come down under New Labour
We haven't got value for the extra taxes we gave the NHS – GPs don't often make home visits and finding and NHS dentist isn't easy!
There two many public funded agencies often following illogical instructions from London.
People working in the public sector front lines of education, health, police and housing are often demoralised by constant change and politically inspired 'initiatives' as one public worker said on the BBC this week "We've got more 'pilots' than British Airways!"
Most damning of all, a recent academic study found that the North South divide has actually got worse under the economic policies of Gordon Brown.
Being passionate about the North East shouldn't stop me being critical of Labour. We live in a region that is still the worst off in the country, lacks a thriving small business sector, has lost even more manufacturing jobs and has seen its relative position compared to the rest of the UK decline.

A few years ago Labour's flagship policy for the North – a Regional Assembly – was rejected in a referendum that cost £10million! Yet today we still have a Regional assembly. It is bureaucratic, costly and is actual slowing down our progress. In the course of the campaign I'll demonstrate how.

This by-election presents and opportunity to be honest about the state of our region and to give a platform to new ideas.

The time has come to challenge Mr Brown and the assumption that Labour can have it all their way in Sedgefield.

For once a Conservative vote in Sedgefield is not a wasted vote. It can be used to demand change, not the cosmetic changes of cabinet personnel but change in policies that can get us the results we expect and deserve.

A video of Graham can be found here.

William Hague echoed much of what Graham said, adding "the people of Sedgefield will at last have an MP that cares about Sedgefield".

I know Graham will campaign vigorously, I wish him all the best in this endeavour and will be joining him on the campaign trail.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sold Down the River

The Conservative Party Website

Well that Bastard Blair went and sold out his country, what a spiteful little turd this man is.

There is a petition on the PM's 10 Downing Street site please pass the link below to as many people as possible, do not let them get away with it.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to guarantee that the British people will be permitted a binding referendum on any and all attempts to resurrect the EU "constitution" (and any or all of its content) regardless of nomenclature

Sign it. It is a start.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What a day

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Harriet bloody Harmen, well I don't think that was in the script, was it.

Sky boobed running a story that Johnson won, oh dear sky news.

A few unhappy bunnies tonight, in the shape of the other candidates, some plotting ahead me thinks.

Will Harmen draw back from all the leftie rhetoric she has been espousing, I wonder?

New Labour do like incompetent people in high places don't they.

As a look to the future and the backstabbing that lays ahead, I thought Alice Coopers 'poison' would make a good duke box this weekend, I would have used 'elected' by the same artist, purely for the performing monkey in the vid, so apt for Harmen, but 'poison' it is.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bye Bye Tony

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And now, I give you the "END OF BLAIR" show

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Right Thing To Do

The Conservative Party Website

In what has been a week of remembering those who died during the Falklands War, an interview that will never be aired has been bought to light, why the left leaning media still wish to demonise Thatcher is beyond me. Margret Thatcher can sleep soundly, can Blair with the blood he has on his hands?.

A recent interview between ITN's James Mates and the Captain of the Belgrano, Hector Bonzo, in which the good Captain tells it how it was. Astonishingly, ITN has chosen not to let the interview see the light of day. James Mates asks whether it is true that his ship posed 'a real threat' to the task force.

Captain Hector Bonzo: "Yes, I agree with that statement. I think we posed a real threat... we never had any intention of going back to shore; we were only waiting for the right moment to act."

The full piece by Charles Moore can be read in the Spectator

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend dukebox3

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I remember this song from my young days, my grandmother from Maynooth liked it and it brings back nice memories (though I think it was the Chieftans version she liked)

This version is from a Serbian band and they do the song justice.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Letter To The Echo That Says It All

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I CALL upon people of the town to attend Darlington Borough Council's carnival weekend of celebrations to officially open the Pedestrian Heart scheme on June 30 and July 1 - but to wear black armbands, lest we forget the price traders have paid.

The business closures, those of us still struggling month to month, week to week, after the shoppers have deserted Darlington. The people who have been hospitalised during alterations and still falling on badly planned and laid out steps, slopes and silly chamfers.

The fact that 20 per cent of the elderly and disabled feel they cannot access the town centre for fear of falling.
Yes, let's all join in - but not to celebrate, rather to commiserate the worst thing to befall our town.

The council never asked for our opinion or consent to take the soul out of Darlington and give us a grey, same as any other place, characterless town centre.

I wish from now on the opposition swelled in numbers after May's local elections. Remember unlike the old guard, their job is to oppose from time-to-time what this council puts forward if it is not in the best interest of Darlington people. -

Timothy Hinton-Clifton, Darlington.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Independence not bloody likely

The Conservative Party Website

We were led to believe that the Mayoral referendum would be free of political interference, how wrong we were!

Councillor Swift said the political independence of the mayor was an advantage of the system.

Her comments in the echo on May 31st show how this is not the case
New mayor believes an elected mayor would be "terrible" for the town.
Councillor Swift said: "This system is beneficial to the public, as often these long-standing councillors relate better to the local community." This, after the fiascos of Hurworth School, Tesco and the Pedestrian Heart to name but a few. I do not think that councilor Swift or her colleagues would know how to relate to the local communities anymore, for so long they have done as they choose and ignored Darlington residents.

She then goes on to insult all those that care enough about the town to campaign against the councils ‘do as you are told’ attitude towards us lesser mortals, by claiming "There are a lot of single-issue groups out there who will probably disappear into the woodwork when those issues have been resolved."

If Councillor Swift cannot carry out her role with the political independence that she claims is a plus, should she not pass on the role to someone who can.