Sunday, June 24, 2007

What a day

The Conservative Party Website

Harriet bloody Harmen, well I don't think that was in the script, was it.

Sky boobed running a story that Johnson won, oh dear sky news.

A few unhappy bunnies tonight, in the shape of the other candidates, some plotting ahead me thinks.

Will Harmen draw back from all the leftie rhetoric she has been espousing, I wonder?

New Labour do like incompetent people in high places don't they.

As a look to the future and the backstabbing that lays ahead, I thought Alice Coopers 'poison' would make a good duke box this weekend, I would have used 'elected' by the same artist, purely for the performing monkey in the vid, so apt for Harmen, but 'poison' it is.


At 12:39 pm, Anonymous Curly said...

Luckily, for us, Brown has moved swiftly to ensure that she won't have a Ministry to muck around with. The party Chairman's job might help keep her quiet for a while, perhaps then we'll hear a little less of her strident rhetoric. Perhaps she'll join with Blair in singing "The Final Climbdown".


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