Sunday, April 22, 2007

Labour candidates facing arrest

The Conservative Party Website

This from Labour Watch, New Labour Old Dirty Tricks.

Word reaches LW of an incident in Lemington ward, Newcastle, scene of a Lib Dem bye-election win a few months back. A LD deliverer was out delivering letters when he was approached by a man and a woman who said they had been sent out by the agent to take over from him.

On returning to base, the deliverer explained what had happened, to the confusion of the agent who said no such instructions had been given. On describing the two people, the deliverer gave a description matching the two Labour candidates who, not being from the area, the deliverer didn't recognise. However he was soon able to identify them from a Labour leaflet.

The police have been called and are investigating. Any such investigation may not be good news for Labour's Antoine Tinnion, who is a practising barrister (and Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard educated). The Law Society may not take too kindly to such activities.

Any further reports of Labour dirty tricks welcomed.


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