Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cowardly Councillors

The Conservative Party Website

"Last week, just before lunch on Wednesday, a man fell down the steps in the High Row area....just as John Williams and Nick Wallis were taking an inspection of the said area and no doubt thinking to themselves how wonderful they are, don't know about wonderful i can think of a word that describes these two better and funnily enough it begins with a "W" as well.

An ambulance was summonsed" but these two councillors being the dispicable human beings that they are turned tail and ran, oh how the milk of human kindness pours out of these two.

I wonder just how many accidents, claims and complaints have been sent to DBC and if there are any court cases pending for compensation.

But these are sort of idiots running our town, a contract for the pedestrian heart which gave DBC 90% of the liability, just how much is this going to cost Darlington tax payers in the long term, repairs are already needed.

Just out of interest, were you ever asked???


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