Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cowardly Candidates and New Labour Lapdogs

The Conservative Party Website

In Yesterdays Echo a letter sent in by S Gibson (If I had a link I would have put here) was published that acussed Pierremont Conservative Candidates of using a Non-Political group for political gain, the offending piece reads;

“Kate has been working hard with the Friends of the Dene to help secure funding for a fun day on 28/04/07, it is hoped this will raise the profile of the group and gain more support for the work ahead. This is well worth supporting”.

How these few lines give a political connotation is beyond us. We praise the group for their hard work, we hope that the groups profile is raised, we advertise the fun day and say that this is an event that should be supported.

When New Labour degenerate to using party activists (S Gibson forgot to mention she is a New Labour activist) to send grubby little attack letters to the press, it shows that New Labour are devoid of ideas and have little or no ambition for Pierremont.

New Labour candidates have also used their work with the Friends group in their election literature in fact reading the literature some could be forgiven for believing that it is only the New labour Candidates that have ever done anything for the Denes.

Will S Gibson be exercising her freedom of speech and writing to the Echo again condemning New Labour, somehow we doubt it.


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