Friday, March 23, 2007

Referendum on Elected Mayor

The Conservative Party Website

Having been at the meeting, several things surprised me.

The Lib/dems got it wrong (nothing new in that), they thought that the Conservatives and independents would vote against it, why they would think that I do not know. Perhaps they thought it would give williams a bloody nose. Swainston it appeared to me read a prepared party political statement, so no candidate from the lib/dems should the vote be won (or do you think that they would forget there opposition and think it was the best thing since sliced bread).

Dixon was harping on about how great the system is at present with a traditional mayor doing mayoral duties in dress up. But i laughed my socks off with his "Grubby Politician" remark, what does he think we have in this new labour run council now, pure, upstanding, listening politicians, he really is taken in by all the spin.

Wallis as already mentioned has managed to put a price on Democracy, we sould not be surprised by this, but he also says on his blog that the

"Labour members had a free vote, although this didn't seem to be the case on the Tory side, where Heather Scott pledged that Concservative Councillors would be supporting Cllr. John Williams' motion".

The council meeting was discussed at a group meeting, there were no desenting voices how this equates to being whipped as Wallis implies is beyond me. The Conservatives felt it was the right thing to do.
Wallis on the other hand has done this for political reasons and like dixon has not had the courage of there convictions, wrap it up any way you like, but in my opinion new labour have done this for political reasons to make themselves look Democratic and not for the people of Darlington.

You would think if you were of a cynical mind that the result was engineered, but surely that couldn,t happen???

We are a Town grown up enough to decide our own destiny.


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