Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where is our M.P.

The Conservative Party Website

It has struck us, that, once again a big decision has to be made concerning our Town, yet as seems to be the case, our M.P is missing from the decision making process, WHY?. As far as we are aware Alan Milburn is on a lecture tour in the USA, lining his pockets rather than being where he is needed, this is par for the course where new labour is concerned.

Another despicable display by our M.P. who could not care less about his constituents, if the Tesco deal does go through perhaps the photo oppotunity will be a big enough draw to bring him to Darlington once again.

All three of us have attended many of the debates and meetings concerning TESCO. Is it too much to ask that our M.P attends just one? We are only prospective politicians for this town and we have made an effort to safegaurd our town, because we live here, the towns livelihood is our livelihood.

Tim Hinton-Clifton, David Davies and Kate Davies, Conservative Candidates, Pierremont Ward.


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