Thursday, September 21, 2006


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Are we to get a new Town Hall?? News reaches me that the new Town Hall will be nothing more than a front office. Back up/support staff will be housed at offices in Morton Palms.

Questions then that need an answer:

Will we be paying rent to TESCO for new town hall (have DBC sold all the land for this developement).

What will be the rent for other offices needed to house back up/support staff.

On an ongoing basis how much will be the real cost of this developement.

Rumour has it that on an awayday, 9 cabinet members voted to proceed with the TESCO developement whatever the outcome of the consultation, surely this is "PREDETERMINATION", something that the DBC solicitor has gagged others for. Is there a senior officer or Councillor that can deny this, after all it is just this sort of thing that will come back and bite you on the arse when it becomes public knowledge.


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