Friday, May 04, 2007


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A big thank you to Pierremont residents, we ran the buggers close, we are of course sorry that those residents are lumbered once again with 2 Labour councillors, one of whoms only concern was to be Mayor.

We worked our socks off but didn't quite make it.

How do you turn over a 15% margin, we worked as a team, we personally knocked on every door within the Pierremont ward as we made a decision that the residents deserved to see a candidate not a party worker, we used modern tecnology (internet) and came within a gnats whisker.

Tim and myself are incredibly proud of Kates win and know that we could not do any more, a 15% swing is an incredible achievement in its own right.

It is possible to overturn and get big swings, if you have the right people, doing the right things.

But it has not finished for Tim and myself we will be there to support Kate in her work for Pierremont and of course Friends of the Denes, we left well alone during the campaign so as not to turn it political, Tim and myself no longer have those concerns and the "friends" needs doers not talkers.


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