Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shameful !! I don't think so

The Conservative Party Website

We have once again been accused, this time we have "shamefully" suggested that Darlington Memorial may close.

Actually we did not, Nick Wallis has it wrong, the closure was never suggested but we ended our letter to press with an open ended question (below).

"Is our hospital to close ward by ward until it is no longer viable, the land being sold to developers?"

Nick has had one comment so far left on his blog (below), it appears to back up and perhaps even answers our question. Staff at DMH are concerned, we will continue to question on their behalf and the people of Darlington.

Anonymous said...
"The Memorial is buzzing with grapevine news that a super hospital is to be built in Sedgefield area replacing Darlo , Bishop & Durham's hospitals. The health staff fear for their future. Never mind "the NHS is safe in Labour's hands" !!!. Roll on May 3rd when NHS staff can have their say on this, & their derisory pay award, via the ballot box" !


At 10:35 am, Blogger miketually said...

He's answered the comment now.


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